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Zoloft dose too high

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  1. Zoloft dose too high

    If you eat a diverse diet (particularly high fiber foods), you will get plenty of Mg. The body regulates it quite well so unless you take Mg pills, there's no reason to worry about excess. As for sleep, Mg deficiency is associated with insomnia. Read more Many of the tricyclic antidepressants have established blood levels that are associated with the best outcome. So getting plenty of Mg from food is a good thing for sleep. Rather than rely on a specific oral dose, i would have your physician order blood tests to determine the amount of the medication in your system and then adjust the oral dose according. Read more See 1 more doctor answer Taking too much at one time could cause confusion, low blood pressure and possibly death. A normal dose over time could cause side effects such as weight gain or sedation but is not lethal. Read more Too much caffeine at one time can introduce a variety of symptoms including increased anxiety and changes in mood. I would consider decreasing your exposure to caffeine to see if that helps although you may have to do it incrementally due to the effects of caffeine withdrawal if you were to stop completely. Read more That is a question that needs to be answered by the doctor who is prescribing it. Best to discuss with that person, or get a consultation with a psychiatrist to determine if you are on the right medication, and what the appropriate dosage is. Read more Call 1-800-222-1222 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to reach any poison control center in the United States. propecia india price Hello, I just recently increased my Zoloft to 150 mg since it wasnt working too much before. Has anyone here taken Zoloft and only had it work successfully when it was at a high dosage, like 150-200mg? I was on 250 mg up until about two months ago, and it still didn't help! 300 is the max that you can go on safely, and it was just useless to bump me up another 50 mg because it wouldn't have done much good. Anyway, yes, that is a fairly high dosage, but anxiety disorders (especially panic attacks/disorder and OCD- I have both panic attacks and OCD) often require a higher dosage to treat than depression. Usually, the SSRI isn't enough, and a benzodiazepine like Valium, Xanax, or Klonopin (what I'm on) needs to be added. -Gatsby Luvr1920- Thanks for getting back with me Gatsby. I have heard that Paxil may be the best for anxiety but it also has a lot of weight gain issues...I will try to do this increase and hope it works! Dragonflyzz- I started Zoloft, 25 mg, in the spring of sophomore year, at age 15, before I knew what was wrong with me. The doctor said that it sounded like "Generalized Anxiety Disorder" (which, I do have, but it's so intertwined with my OCD, that it barely shows), and that the Zoloft would help.

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    It does sound like the Zoloft is too high in dosage but try it at night to see what happens. I'm sure you want to take care of this before school starts. I'm sure you want to take care of this before school starts. sertraline effectiveness I know now that it was too high of a starting dose. 4 days after starting I went into a depressive episode and could barely function. It was an absolute nightmare. My anxiety was through the roof, heart pounded, "butterflies" constantly in my stomach, couldn't sit still or concentrate, and I constantly cried. Reading what you say here, my first thought is that if 100 mg per day of Zoloft was too high a dose for you you'd most likely be having some unpleasant side effects. In my own experience, the effects of being on too high a dose of medication have been quite obvious. I've started feeling worse and/or developed new or stronger side effects.

    Im thinking of increasing my zoloft dosage up to 100mg so maybe the fear would lessen and i could ask ashley out on a real date. Hello all, I began .25 mg of Zoloft last Saturday (eight days ago) and am wondering if anybody else can tell me their experience with the drug. Being a student the one that effected my life greatly was insomnia... My doctor suggested that I start a 50mg regimine of ZOLOFT..... I was able to meet new people and go into large crowded areas with no problem...... After two-three weeks of taking this medication I began to experience some side-effects..... I was not officially diagnosed with these problem until recently but I have always had the symptoms...... I'm both an anxious and an unhealthy person, so it's difficult for me to tell what's anxiety, what's sickness, and what's the drug. A week prior to beginning the drug, I think I had a touch of the flu, which in turn triggered more anxiety. What you describe with the Zoloft is VERY run of the mill as far as start-up side effects go. I too just resumed Zoloft after years of not taking a long term (antidepressant) medication for my panic disorder, and I experienced almost exactly what you did. I recently moved to a new town and am still on waiting lists to get in with my new doctors, so when my anxiety and panic attacks got super intense a few weeks ago, I had no choice but to turn to a walk-in clinic. Kind of a long story, but I think it's worth sharing. (Note: I took 10mg/day of Lexapro for about 3 years and got little, if any, relief from it, gained a ton of weight, and decided to ween myself off of it in January of this year. I didn't feel any different when I wasn't taking it.) When I got back to the exam room at the clinic, it was a CRNP, not an MD, that I had to discuss my issues with. I have nothing against seeing a CRNP at a walk-in clinic, don't get me wrong, but I think maybe her lack of expertise in the matter is why I was put on too high a dose of an SSRI. Anyway, I explained to her that I've always been a pretty anxious person, a worry-wart, but am decent at keeping it under control by myself. Lately, however, I was waking up and going to sleep with extreme anxiety and was actually having 2-4 absolutely terrible, long-lasting panic attacks a day.

    Zoloft dose too high

    Zoloft Side Effects Every Woman Should Know About, How do I know if my dose is too high? Sertraline 100mg?

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  7. My dr. started me on Prozac 75 or 100mg dose I can't remember. I know now that it was too high of a starting dose. 4 days after starting I went.

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    As to whether your dose is too "high"? That's an individual thing, I was on Zoloft years ago, and my final dose was 200mg. It worked great, minus a few of those initial side effects. pharmacy 365 online In fact, I usually prescribe 12.5mg/day of Zoloft to start. All of your symptoms are a direct result of you taking too high a dose, too quickly. You didn't get the care you needed when you were here on Monday, and we are so sorry. Hey y'all! I've been taking sertraline Zoloft for anxiety. I was feeling great on 75 mg so my doctor increased my dosage up to 100 to see if.

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