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Metformin use in elderly

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    Metformin use in elderly

    Diabetes mellitus is a significant health concern for older persons in the United States. Approximately 23% of patients over the age of 60 have diabetes, with the majority suffering from type 2 diabetes. Older patients are also more likely to have comorbidities such as hypertension, dyslipidemia, and cardiovascular disease, as well as geriatric syndromes like cognitive impairment, depression, and urinary incontinence. However, the spectrum of diabetes is diverse in the elderly, and not all patients benefit from stringent glycemic control. Evidence from clinical trials demonstrates that approximately 8 years of glycemic control is required before reductions in microvascular events can be appreciated. Thus, for frail elders, patients with limited life expectancy, or those with significant complications or comorbidities, a less aggressive glycemic goal is reasonable (TABLE 1). At a minimum, glycemic control should be adequate to prevent symptoms such as polyuria and to avoid hyperglycemic crises. what are amoxicillin Metformin is usually prescribed as first line therapy for type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM2). However, the benefits and risks of metformin may be different for older people. This systematic review examined the available evidence on the safety and efficacy of metformin in the management of DM2 in older adults. The findings were used to develop recommendations for the electronic decision support tool of the European project PRIMA-e DS. The systematic review followed a staged approach, initially searching for systematic reviews and meta-analyses first, and then individual studies when prior searches were inconclusive. The target population was older people (≥65 years old) with DM2. Studies were included if they reported safety or efficacy outcomes with metformin (alone or in combination) for the management of DM2 compared to placebo, usual or no treatment, or other antidiabetics.

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    Tolbutamide in elderly diabetic patients, except in that it was associated with weight loss. clinical use of metformin in the elderly, the present study. order generic viagra from canada Jul 6, 2016. For those with a contraindication or intolerance to metformin, a short-acting. The use of sliding-scale insulin in elderly patients isn't. Jul 11, 2014. As patients become older, they become more vulnerable to the risk of side effects that are present with diabetic medications. Older diabetes.

    Jones et al (1) criticise current guidelines, which highlight possible contraindications to the use of metformin, as too vague and potentially leading to underuse in patients with type 2 diabetes. Although their desire for a “less ambiguous” approach seems sensible, their own guidelines still lack clarity. They note that any specific value of serum creatinine chosen as a cut -off for prescription of metformin will be arbitrary, because of variations in muscle mass and protein turnover. Despite this they then select – for undefined reasons- a serum creatinine value of 150 micromols/L as the cut-off point in their guideline. Hendra TJ, Sinclair AJ (1997) Improving the care of elderly diabetic patients ; the final report of the St Vincent Joint Task Force for Diabetes. They then suggest “caution should therefore be used in prescribing metformin for elderly patients”. This is a vague statement, which could be interpreted as meaning that metformin shouldn’t be prescribed at all in the elderly; that specialist opinion should be sought or creatinine clearance calculated before it is prescribed; or that renal function or serum lactate should be monitored after it is prescribed.(2) In addition, we are not informed of the authors' own definition of “elderly”. Chehade JM, Mooradian AD in Diabetes in old age eds Sinclair AJ, Finucane P. Given that the growing majority of patients with type 2 diabetes are over the age of 65 years,and that there is already evidence of undertreatment of such patients (3), it would seem particularly desirable to be as clear as is possible about this age group, if the full benefits of treatment are to be attained. Clinical judgements for a 25-year-old patient will be different than those for a 65-year-old patient because of changes in kidney function, weight distribution, metabolism, and many other age-associated factors. Still, some aspects of diabetes treatment for younger patients remain the same for the elderly. For instance, all smokers with diabetes are recommended to take smoking cessation measures regardless of age. Meanwhile, hypertension treatment has shown benefit in all patients with diabetes, including those 80 years or older. Plus, the benefits of lipid-lowering statin therapy are similar in older and younger patients with diabetes, but older patients see greater benefits overall. As recommended for younger patients, exercise and diet modifications are important for properly managing diabetes in older patients. In terms of pharmacotherapy, the first-line recommendation for type 2 diabetes in elderly patients is metformin.

    Metformin use in elderly

    Full text Achieving glycemic control in elderly patients with type 2., Diabetes Treatment Considerations in Elderly Patients

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  6. Oct 16, 2017. Four recommendations were developed suggesting to discontinue the use of metformin for the management of DM2 in older adults with risk.

    • Efficacy and safety of metformin in the management of type 2 diabetes.
    • Too Much Medication for Elderly Diabetes Patients?
    • PDF Efficacy and safety of metformin in the management of type 2.

    Aug 28, 2014. Keywords diabetes treatment, elderly, review. The most common side-effects of metformin use are gastrointestinal a metallic taste in the. azithromycin walmart Risks of Diabetic Complications in Older Adults With Type 2 Diabetes. greatly limit metformin's use in elderly diabetic patients, gastrointestinal side effects. In deciding to use a medicine, the risks of taking the medicine must be weighed against. However, elderly patients are more likely to have age-related kidney.

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