Is plaquenil used to treat sjogren& 39

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    Is plaquenil used to treat sjogren& 39

    I really don't want to take this or any medication for that matter. So in both of your opinions what did it do for you and/or solve for you that you had going on before you started taking it, I am new here so I hope that question in not too personal or offensive. I have noticed some blurring but I don't think that is from the med. The daily regular pain is still something to deal with though. Having said that I have not seen this medication discussed as being used for Sjorgrens? Since taking the "Plaquenil" the aches and pains throughout my body seem to be much less. As for the eyes, yes you have to get checked regularly.

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    Sjogren syndrome a disease that causes dryness in the mouth and eyes has been reported by people with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure, pain. Check the latest reports from 6,549 Sjogren syndrome patients, or browse all conditions. Plaquenil is a first-line drug treatment meaning its the go- to med they use -the one they initially start nearly everyone on when u test positive for auto-immune & it doesn't work for everyone! I tried it for a yr w not one bit of relief. The anxiety is not a common side effect nor is the depression. Find user ratings and reviews for Plaquenil oral on WebMD including side effects and drug interactions, medication effectiveness, ease of use and satisfaction. Sjogren's symptoms primarily.

    I don’t know why but the hydrochloroquine made that better, I still get it sometimes but not nearly as often or as bad. It isn't fully gone but I am worlds away from where I was. But it could also the pain meds I am on "Tramadol". I am still tired and fall asleep at a moments notice. So that is not much help, the main thing the Plaquenil is supposed to do,( as I understand, feel free to let me know if you know more) it's trying to stop the progression of the disease. Thankfully the incident rate is low for issues but the key is to catch it early, which is why you should go every 6 months. Thank you to everyone for your help and responses!!

    Is plaquenil used to treat sjogren& 39

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    Don't delay taking medicine out of fear. Plaquenil is actually a very mild medicine for most people. If your doctors feel that it would be safe for you, then give it a try. You HAVE to get treatment for Sjogren's. It will never go away on its own, and you're just going to get worse if you don't get treatment. Disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs can be used to treat inflammatory musculoskel-. 36,37 and tumor necrosis factor TNF-a inhibitors38,39 for fatigue, and found insufficient data and/or existing clinical experience to recommend. New Treatment Guidelines for SjOgren's Disease Author Frederick B. Vivino MD MS Subject Rheumatic Disease. Plaquenil is an anti parasitic drug that is used to treat malaria. It has been used for many decades and people who had inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus noticed that their symptoms decreased. It is used at a much lower dose as an anti-inflammatory to treat many of the autoimmune diseases and is now touted as the.

  6. Sometimes, esp, with few symptoms and negative blood tests, diagnosis can only be made by trial and error to see what meds improve your symptoms. Pinkpee-- Sometimes we don't meet the diagnostic criteria for lupus or other defined autoimmune diseases, but we have enough symptoms pointing in that direction that a doctor may think treatment is useful. CBD oil and Plaquenil lupus Immune & Autoimmune - Lupus Flares While Taking Plaquenil Plaquenil -
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